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Brake Repairs
The last thing you want is your brakes to fail when you need them the most. The technicians at LTS Motorworks carefully inspect brake mechanisms and hydraulic systems to make sure your brakes are in good condition. Our technicians will renew and clean your brake hardware and mechanisms to make sure they work properly; we also make sure your ABS system is functioning as it should. A little preventative maintenance here and there can help you avoid premature brake failure.
Electrical Repairs
At LTS Motorworks we are capable of repairing any electrical problem from burned-out light bulbs to major short circuits. We fix heating and air-conditioning issues, alternator problems, and starting system and charging system failures. If we cannot diagnose the problem, there is no charge for our services.
Suspension Maintenance
We offer preventative maintenance for your suspension, struts, shocks, springs, and steering components. Our trained technicians gladly inspect your vehicle's suspension system to provide better vehicle handling and improve maneuverability.
Drivability Tests
The next time your check engine light turns on, bring your vehicle to us so we can take a look at it. If your vehicle is suffering from performance issues - such as surging, startup hesitations, and unnatural vibrations - bring it to our shop so we can run a diagnostic of your system. We are also fully trained to diagnose and repair any issue that leads to failed emissions tests.
Vehicle Forensics
At LTS Motorworks we are always willing to investigate insurance frauds and warranty frauds that pertain to your vehicle. We investigate your vehicle's history for insurance claims from both insurance companies and insurance owners. Trust us to handle insurance claims and malpractice claims.
Custom Performance
Give your car that extra boost with our new high performance services, including popular customizations like racing seats, fuel systems, switch panels, line locks, dyno testing, safety harnesses, remote systems, Superchips Custom Tuning and more.
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LTS Motor Works
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155 Wicks Street
Grayslake, IL 60030